Dawn Marie Bornheimer

Dawn Marie Bornheimer is an industry leader with a unique combination of interpersonal, business and strategic skills. Her 16 years of professional experience have taken her from classroom teacher to world-class sales and marketing executive. As the Senior Director of Partnerships for New York University, she leads sales and marketing efforts to expand their proprietary e-learning modules into new healthcare markets to include an international presence.  

From being a vital part of a team that that generated $1.4M in sales, a full 10% increase over the previous year, to increasing reading and math skills by 20% as an educator, or mentoring high-potential professionals to make the most out of their leadership potential, Dawn has formulated her own unique brand of secret sauce that has allowed her to parlay each experience into an opportunity for even greater success. 

A frequent speaker on the topic of leadership, Dawn strives to help support young girls and women to find their voice. She believes that through mentoring and being mentored, we all play an essential role in our individual and collective success.

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